Pastor Raymond Vliet of Flushing faced a judge Wednesday on fraud charges against an elderly couple at his church in Mt. Morris Township. 

Mt. Morris Twp. pastor faces judge as Sheriff Pickell holds press conference to warn residents to 'watch over elderly'

   FLINT (CCN) —  A preliminary exam was adjourned Wednesday until July 31 for a local pastor accused of cheating two church members in their 90's with dementia. Assistant Prosecutor David Mayes of the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office told Genesee County 67th District Court Judge Mark McCabe that the delay because a witness was out of town.  READ MORE

Goyette reacts to Flint actions with political statement on local radio show aimed at Mayor Weaver in restoration conflict

   FLINT (CCN) — The Project Manager at Flint's Goyette Mechanical has issued a statement about a protest filed against the City of Flint in a conflict over restoration work to repair thousands of lawns across the city after pipe replacement work. Joey Parks appeared last week on The Morning Gazette Radio Show and answered, "yes" when asked if he felt an attempt to re-bid the contract was bid rigging by Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver's administration. He said, "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."  READ MORE

State Administrative Board gives ok to $150,000 for Plante Moran to help 'under staffed' Finance Department in Flint

   ​​​​​​​​​​LANSING (CCN) — The Daily Gazette has learned that "significant turnover in personnel" was cited as the reason for $150,000 in state funding for Flint City Hall which was approved last week for consideration by a committee of the State Administrative Board.

   The $150,000 is to be added to a contract already in place with Plante Moran to help with the city's Finance Department. The State Administrative Board will now consider increasing a contract signed with Plante Moran in November of last year to bring the new limit to $500,000. The proposal will be voted on at the board's July 23 meeting.READ MORE

Flint All-Stars beaten 6-3 by Saginaw Means to bow out of Connie Mack World Series national qualifier tourney in Flint

   FLINT (CCN) — The Flint All-Stars were beaten 6-3 by Saginaw Means Friday to bow out of the AABC Connie Mack World Series baseball qualifier in Flint. They suffered from a single bad inning when surrendering five runs in the bottom of the first when Saginaw erased a 1-0 deficit despite getting only one hit when using four walks and a hit batter to jump in front.   READ MORE

Click above to hear an "On Demand" replay of Saturday's Daily Gazette Sports Weekend Show segment about legendary Flint fastpitch softball star Jim Doyle. Listen to the tribute from host Mike Killbreath who is an award-winning sports columnist with a long history of championship ways in the local Flint area coaching ranks of baseball, basketball, ice hockey and roller hockey. He counts 5 state championships along with numerous regional, league and tournament championships. Mike's 3-hour tour through the world of sports every Saturday is the longest running local sports show on local radio.

Former Genesee County Commissioner and long-time local attorney John Nickola has passed away at age 78.

 Long-time Flint attorney, former Genesee County Commissioner John Nickola passes away

   FLINT TWP. (CCN) — Funeral services will be Saturday for a long-time Flint attorney and former County Commissioner. John Nickola of Flint Township passed away on Tuesday. He was 78.  READ MORE  

​​Meet Flint's All-Stars selected for Connie Mack World Series event

   FLINT (CCN) — Below is a link to a Media Packet prepared for the Flint All-Stars by the Flint Area Chamber of Commerce and its advertising agency, Advantage Advertising Agency Strategies. Included within the Media Packet is a player-by-player profile of the high school stars from around the Metro Flint area selected to represent our community at the upcoming regional tournament qualifier for the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico. The prestigious tournament features top 18-&-under players aiming to impress big league scouts and collegiate programs. Click below for the Media Packet previewing Flint's first ever regional tourney.

Media Packet Prepared by AAA Strategies


1st Ward City Councilman has issued a warning to Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver that her city administration members need to show up for meetings of the Flint City Council.

Flint Mayor Weaver, key aide continue to hear big criticisms from once top supporter on Flint City Council — Eric Mays

   FLINT (CCN) — The Flint City Council could use its power in the City Charter to remove members of Mayor Dr.  Karen Weaver's administration on Monday. That message was delivered by 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays at Wednesday's meeting of the council's Finance Committee.  READ MORE

Legendary fastpitch softball pitcher Jim Doyle (at left) was honored Saturday morning when Whaley Park's smaller complex was renamed as "Jim Doyle Field." At right is Jim's nephew, Eric Doyle.

Ceremony held to name Whaley Park's softball complex as 'Jim Doyle Field' in honor of legendary local fastpitch softball star  

   FLINT (CCN) — Whaley Park's smaller complex will forever be known as "Jim Doyle Field" after a ceremony Saturday morning honoring the legendary fastpitch softball star. Doyle tossed 212 no-hitters and 27 perfect games during a legendary career that included 1,500 victories as one of the world's all-time best pitchers in the fastpitch softball game. READ MORE

   A Facebook Live video of the ceremony is below. You can also click to hear an audio replay of Saturday's Daily Gazette Sports Weekend Show that's available below the video.

​​​​​Endorsement Monday is upon us: Time to make some friends unhappy by offering our advice for August primary in Flint, Burton races

   ​​​​​​​​​​Endorsement Monday has been a staple of our radio show team ever since we hit the air waves. It's nice to know so many trust our advice on who to vote for when they head to the precincts.  The Morning Gazette Radio Show presented its choices earlier today and a replay of the program is available at right. Simply click the yellow button inside the black box to listen.

​   It's good for my ego, too, that we reached 10,000 listeners today. That beats our previous record of more than 7,500 who listened to an interview by Leeanne Walters who helped expose Flint's water crisis five years ago. The huge audience has me now re-thinking my prediction this morning that Flint would have an all-time record low turnout. Based on how many tuned in to hear our Endorsement Monday show, that prediction is going out the window. READ MORE

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell held a press conference to announce more arrests by his task force cracking down on child predators.

Sheriff Pickell's GHOST task force arrests 'dirty dozen' group of predators in Genesee County 

   FLINT (CCN) — A former deputy with the Tuscola County Sheriff's Department was among the "dirty dozen" arrested in the latest sting by Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell's special task force taking aim at nabbing child predators. Sheriff Robert PIckell revealed the latest arrests during a Monday press conference at his office by his task force known as "GHOST" which arrested 20 suspects in mid-May. Sheriff Pickell announced 12 more arrests on Monday for felony counts that included child sexually abusive activity, using a computer to commit a crime and accosting children for immoral purposes. He said all 12 men have been released on bail from the Genesee County Jail.

   Monday's "dirty dozen" face a combined 540 years in prison, if convicted on all counts.  READ MORE

Serious allegations were leveled against Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver during a Saturday radio program on WFLT 1420 AM.

Former AG investigator makes startling accusations of 'probable cause' for criminal activity by Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver 

   FLINT (CCN) — A former top investigator with the Attorney General's prosecution team in the Flint water crisis leveled stunning accusations against Flint's mayor during a Saturday morning radio program on WFLT 1420 AM. Ellis Stafford said his investigative work led to uncovering probable cause that criminal activity took place by Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver who he accused of diverting donations into a private 527 fund at a local credit union when they were instead intended to help Flint residents. Stafford said he alerted former Special Prosecutor Todd Flood to the fund and said Flood told him it was outside the scope of what they were assigned to investigate by former Attorney General Bill Schuette.

   Mayor Weaver faced a whistleblower lawsuit earlier this year in a Detroit federal court room that included explosive testimony from two former Flint City Hall executives who made similar accusations.  READ MORE

The Daily Gazette 


August 7, 2019

Click above to hear the last episode for The Daily Gazette Sports Weekend Show with Mike Killbreath. He's an award-winning sports columnist with a long history of championship ways in the local Flint area coaching ranks of baseball, basketball, ice hockey and roller hockey. He counts 5 state championships along with numerous regional, league and tournament championships. Mike's 3-hour tour through the world of sports every Saturday is the longest running local sports show on local radio.

Click above to hear Tuesday's episode for The Daily Gazette Sports Night Show with Executive Editor Mike Killbreath and his team of Sports Writers at The Daily Gazette. The one-hour program airs every weeknight at 6 o'clock, and often includes an opportunity for listeners to call and voice their opinions on the latest sports world topics.

​​​​Back to the Bricks© to hold media event Thursday to 'reaffirm its commitment' to Downtown Flint

   FLINT (CCN) — Back to the Bricks© will be holding a media event at 9 am on Thursday (Aug. 1) at the Ferris Wheel Building in Downtown Flint.  The non-profit organization will be announcing its expansion into Downtown Flint to "reaffirm its commitment" there, according to Jerry Preston who is the Secretary for the Board of Directors. The group's annual classic car cruise has become one of the biggest in America during its previous 14 late summer events.  The event stretches along the bricks of Saginaw Street in Downtown Flint to the City of Burton and into Grand Blanc.

   Back to the Bricks© will be presented Aug. 12-17 this year after "Tune Up Parties" during the week prior to the event around the county. The event now also presents a promotional tour to cities around Michigan and hosts a winter event known as "Chrome & Ice" at Flint's Dort Federal Credit Union & Event Center.

Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs issued an apology after vulgar comments on a social media tirade but a pair of citizens demanded that he resign during Wednesday's meeting. 

Two calls for resignation surface at Flint City Council meeting for 8th Ward Councilman Griggs after social media firestorm 

   FLINT (CCN) — Two citizens took to the podium Wednesday during public comment at a Flint City Council committee meeting to demand that 8th Ward Councilman Allan Griggs resign. He is under fire after a tirade of vulgar comments on social media.

   Councilman Griggs has issued an apology with a post on his Facebook page and on the page of community activist Arthur Woodson. He was one of the speakers during public comment Wednesday to demand that Councilman Griggs step down and Woodson also blasted the first-term councilman on The Morning Gazette Radio Show.​  READ MORE

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Click above to hear Wednesday's morning news from around the Metro Flint area, as well as from around the state, national and world scenes.

The Florida Legends won the Flint regional to punch a return ticket to the AABC Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

​​​​Florida Legends win Flint regional to punch return ticket to Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, N.M.

   FLINT (CCN) — The Florida Legends beat the Ontario Blue Jays Saturday to win Flint's regional and punch their ticket for a return to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.

   They beat the Canadian squad 7-1 at Broome Park to win a $10,000 travel voucher. The Florida squad, which featured players drafted last week by big league teams, won its opener 7-4 over the Flint All-Stars by scoring six times in the sixth inning to wipe out a 4-1 deficit.

   The victory gave the Legends a 4-0 run in the Flint event. They also had to come from behind in an earlier match-up against the Ontario Blue Jays, rallying from a 5-0 deficit to win 8-5.

   The Florida Legends have had 11 players move on to Major League Baseball since 2007 and 22 more have made it to minor league rosters. They made it to the Final Four in Farmington in 2017 and also qualified for the AABC Connie Mack World Series in 2018.

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Veteran Flint area high school coach to lead Foutch-sponsored local all-star team in Connie Mack World Series Regional event July 10-14 in Flint at Broome Park, Whaley Stadium and Mott Community College's Ernie Myers Field.

Veteran Flint area high school coach to lead Foutch-sponsored local all-star team in Connie Mack World Series Regional event here

   FLINT (CCN) — Steve Facolak was the "perfect" choice to lead Flint's team of high school baseball all-stars as they take aim at making it to the AABC Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, New Mexico.  That's how long-time local baseball man Roger Foutch described Facolak, saying, "He's the right guy with the right temperament to handle all these big stars and mold them into a competitive team. We know we will be underdogs but I think people will be surprised how much talent we have in this area if get kids to buy into playing together. We didn't get everybody we wanted, but we have a great team to represent our community."

   Foutch fought back tears at one point during a press conference to introduce the "Flint" team sponsored by Foutch's Strike Zone. Foutch and friend Dave Dohrman launched the indoor baseball training facility five years ago next door to Foutch's Pub and behind Foutch's Auto Wash at the corner of Linden Road and Corunna Road in Flint Township. All of the businesses are located at West Pointe Plaza that's also owned by Foutch. 

   Click below to watch a Facebook Live video of the press conference held at Foutch's Strike Zone.