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October 21, 2019

Click above to hear a replay of Thursday's episode of The Morning Gazette Radio Show with award-winning investigative reporter Mike Killbreath. He serves as a watchdog over your tax dollars and spreads a little Metro Flint Pride every weekday live at 8 am on

Rev. Stacy Swimp has filed a lawsuit against the City of Flint over allegations that his son tested positive for cocaine and marijuana, and a judge has sided with the child's mother after a social worker used what he calls "lies" by a Flint police officer in recommending a custody decision to Genesee County Judge Kay Behm.

Father fighting custody battle has big guns lined up for press conference on Tuesday; Claims of toddler testing positive for drugs ignored by CPS, judge
    FLINT (CCN) — A Flint pastor's fight for justice in a child custody case has caught the attention of some heavyweight helpers. His story was also highlighted last week by a nationally syndicated radio show that presented Rev. Stacy Swimp's film on its web site. The Real Side with Joe Messina allowed Rev. Swim to tell his tale about how he says the government has "tried to destroy my child's future."  READ MORE

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Replay of Monday's Morning Gazette Radio Show

Editor's Notebook Demanding Justice for Christian Swimp


​​​​​​​​Popular 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays aims to now 'take down' County Clerk after Morning Gazette Radio Show comments on Friday   

    Flint's colorful and controversial 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays isn't working on either campaign in the upcoming mayoral election. Not worrying about who wins on Nov. 5 will give him time for a new mission.

   He admits both camps are still trying to get a Mays endorsement — perhaps a race-winning coup if it's a close race since Mays was the top vote getter among all nine wards when winning re-election to his city council seat in 2017. But Mays now says his primary focus will be on "taking down" Genesee County Clerk John Gleason.

   He requested an opportunity to appear on Monday's Morning Gazette Radio Show after his Friday interview was followed by a reaction from Gleason. Mays was on our radio show to react to a Thursday press conference at Gleason's office. (See related story at left) ​Mays didn't like it that his name was used in a "negative way" at the press conference by Gleason. He was fuming mad after his reaction on the radio drew a reaction by Gleason immediately afterward.

   "If he wants to go to war with this councilman, I'm gonna make sure he never wins another election," Mays vowed. READ MORE 

The Grand Blanc Bobcats were decked out in pink to fight breast cancer in front of a huge home crowd Friday night. They were disappointed, however, by visiting Flint Powers Catholic winning 28-24.

Flint Powers Catholic wins 28-24 barnburner at Grand Blanc in front of county's biggest prep football crowd so far during 2019 season  

    GRAND BLANC (CCN) — The biggest prep football crowd of 2019 in the Metro Flint area was on hand Friday night at Grand Blanc High School. They turned out to watch a renewal of the old Big Nine Conference rivalry between Grand Bland and Flint Powers Catholic between two teams that started the season with identical 5-2 records. It was also a battle for third place in the Saginaw Valley League's South Division and the visiting Chargers from Flint Powers prevailed by a 28-24 count.

   The victory clinched a berth in the state playoffs for Powers. It will be the school's sixth straight post-season appearance.

   Quarterback Luke Philpotts led Powers by rushing for two touchdowns and passing for two more.

   Philpotts was 7-of-14 passing for 147 yards and he ran the football 17 times for 63 yards. His TD passes went to Laselo Haines and Nevaeh Sanders.

   Ben Weishuhn led the Chargers on defense by making 18 tackles.

   Powers also won 20-7 a year ago in a non-league game with Grand Blanc which supplied one of its biggest rivalries during many years in the old Big Nine. Grand Blanc joined Powers in the Valley this season. The two schools had not faced each other since 2008 before meeting in 2018.

Flint City Councilman Eric Mays appeared on Friday's Morning Gazette Radio Show to take exception with two elected officials who used his name at a Thursday press conference about alleged illegal activities with absentee ballots.

Flint's self-proclaimed 'absentee ballot expert' sounds off on radio show after press conference by pair of local elected officials  

    FLINT (CCN) — Flint City Councilman Eric Mays was fuming mad during a Friday appearance on The Morning Gazette Radio Show after a Thursday press conference by two elected officials. The tirade by Councilman Mays came after State Rep. Sheldon Neeley called for arrests over absentee ballot issues during a press conference at the office of Genesee County Clerk / Register of Deeds John Gleason.

   A Flint resident appeared with them at the event that was attended only by ABC TV 12 and MLive. The Morning Gazette Radio Show and The Daily Gazette were not invited to the press conference. Gleason apologized when learning about the snafu, but said, "My office didn't host the press conference, it was Sheldon Neeley," he said. "Rep. Neeley has concerns about how absentee ballots are being handled, and so do I. It's my guess he wanted to hold the press conference at my office because I'm the county's chief election official as the county clerk."

   Neeley is running for mayor in the City of Flint against incumbent Dr. Karen Weaver, and he made accusations Thursday that supporters of Mayor Weaver have been "breaking the law" by handling absentee ballots. The third-term state legislator filed a complaint with state election officials during the primary and Gleason is concerned that no actions have been taken. "It's a felony to handle the absentee ballots and nothing is being done about it, so I'm very concerned about it," Gleason said. He mentioned Mays during the press conference as a well-known player in absentee ballot controversies.

   Flint's popular 1st Ward city councilman, who was the top vote getter among winners in all nine wards at the city's 2017 election, was furious about hearing his name. "Gleason brought my name into this and I didn't do absentees for Sheldon Neeley or Mayor Weaver," he fumed. Councilman Mays also alleged before Friday's radio interview that it was his bet that their "star witness" at the press conference was mistaken about the incident. "This woman mentioned a clipboard, which tells me the mayor's people were dealing with absentee ballot applications, not ballots," he said. "They can touch the applications, just not the yellow envelopes that the ballots go into. These two elected officials (Gleason and Neeley) have absolutely embarrassed themselves because they are alleging a felony on something that isn't a crime. That's some serious accusations right there, and it's my bet they are dead wrong on what happened."

   Councilman Mays made similar accusations during a 15-minute interview on Friday's Morning Gazette Radio Show. Gleason then responded to the tirade by Flint's councilman who described himself during the radio show appearance as "an expert on absentee ballots." A replay of Friday's program is available below and the aftermath is detailed at right in today's Editor's Notebook by Publisher & Executive Editor Mike Killbreath who also hosts The Morning Gazette Radio Show every weekday on CCN Radio from 8 am until 9:30 am.


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