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Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson (at right) accepts an apology from Lapeer County Sheriff Kevin McKenna during a Wednesday press conference at Flint City Hall.

Lapeer County's sheriff issues apology to City of Flint police at Wednesday press conference 

   FLINT (CCN) — Lapeer County Sheriff Kevin McKenna showed up at Flint City Hall Wednesday for a brief press conference event to apologize on behalf of his department for negative comments about Flint police that recently went viral on social media. READ MORE 

Flint City Council votes 5-4 to add $1.1 million to $5 million contract for L.A. firm to oversee FAST Start service line replacement

   FLINT (CCN) — The Flint City Council voted 5-4 on Monday night to add $1.1 million to a controversial contract for a Los Angeles-based company to oversee the FAST Start service line replacement program in the City of Flint.  READ MORE

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​​​​Eric Mays says he isn't running for Flint City Council president job when election takes place 

  FLINT (CCN) — The Flint City Council will elect its new president at 5:30 pm Monday and 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays says he won't be trying to get the job. He has twice before failed by a single vote in attempts to win the city council presidency.

   "I'm chair of the finance committee and we're in the middle of investigative hearings, so I want to continue with that and I'm not interested in trying to become city council president at this time," Mays revealed.

   Two council members — 4th Ward Councilwoman Kate Fields and 9th Ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing — held a press conference on Thursday to demand that Councilman Mays be removed as the finance committee chairman. Councilman Mays reacted to their criticisms immediately afterward to a press gathering that included The Daily Gazette, The Morning Gazette Radio Show, WFNT 1420 AM, TV 5, TV 12, TV 25, TV 66 and The Flint Journal / MLive.

   A video of the press conference is below:


Prominent Flint defense attorney Frank Manley speaks with the media after Wednesday's hearing on a motion for Judge Celeste Bell to disqualify herself from presiding over a sexual assault case against former Flint basketball superstar Mateen Cleaves. 

Judge Bell refuses to disqualify herself from presiding over trial of former Flint basketball star Mateen Cleaves in assault case 

   FLINT (CCN) — Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Celeste Bell ruled Wednesday that she will not disqualify herself from presiding over the sexual assault case against former Flint basketball star Mateen Cleaves. His attorney, Frank Manley, met with the media outside the court room after the ruling. A video of the impromptu press conference is presented below. Judge Bell gave Cleaves' defense team until the end of the day to appeal her ruling to the chief judge of the Genesee County Circuit Court — Judge Richard Yuille. She said, "If you choose to appeal my decision, you can have it heard today." Manley told at 3:45 pm that he intended to file the appeal at two minutes before the 5 pm deadline. When told about this development, Judge Yuille informed that he "wouldn't be around to hear it (on Wednesday)." Court records did not reflect an appeal by 6 pm when The Daily Gazette Sports Night Show aired with the report that is presented below the video.  READ MORE 

Joe Reinfelder was the principal at Seymour Elementary School in the Flushing district.

Flushing community stunned by death of 46-year-old principal at Seymour Elementary School

   FLUSHING (CCN) — Members of the Flushing community were stunned by Friday's news that a well-liked administrator in the Flushing school district has passed away. The district is mourning the death of Seymour Elementary School Principal Joe Reinfelder who would died one day before his 47th birthday. A notice from district officials confirmed to staff members on Friday morning that he died on Thursday of complications from a stroke, saying, "Mr. R, as he was affectionately known at Seymour, will be greatly missed by students, parents, and staff alike." The notice was titled, "Always in Our Hearts.”

Attorney for Mateen Cleaves to be in court on Thursday to argue motion that Judge Bell should disqualify herself from trial

   FLINT (CCN) — Prominent defense attorney Frank Manley will be in court on Thursday to argue that Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Celeste Bell should disqualify herself from the case involving former Michigan State Spartans' basketball All-American Mateen Cleaves. READ MORE

Herb Winfrey re-elected as Flint City Council president 5-3 over Kate Fields; One vote for Mays 

  FLINT (CCN) — Herb Winfrey was re-elected to a second straight one-year term as president of the Flint City Council Monday night. The 6th Ward City Councilman had five votes to defeat 4th Ward City Councilwoman Kate Fields who voted for herself and got support from 8th Ward Councilman Allan Griggs and 9th Ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing.​  READ MORE

​Monica Galloway re-elected as Flint City Council president by easy 6-2 margin over Kate Fields 

  FLINT (CCN) — Herb Winfrey was re-elected to a second straight one-year term as president of the Flint City Council Monday night, and his choice for vice president was also re-elected by a comfortable margin. Councilwoman Monica Galloway, who represents 7th Ward residents, was also re-elected to a second straight one-year term by a bigger margin than the city council president. READ MORE

Click above to hear Wednesday's report on the Mateen Cleaves case by Mike Killbreath on The Daily Gazette Sports Night Show.


December 13, 2018

Click above to hear a replay of Thursday's episode of The Morning Gazette Radio Show with award-winning investigative reporter Mike Killbreath. He serves as a watchdog over your tax dollars and spreads a little Metro Flint Pride every weekday live at 8 am on

​Holly's Andrew Anderson

Holly's 23-year-old Andrew Anderson to receive PBA Bowler of the Year award on national TV

   HOLLY (CCN) — The Holly community is celebrating one of its most famous athletes after 23-year-old pro bowler Andrew Anderson has picked up one of his sport's highest honors. A press release from the Professional Bowlers Association announced that Anderson will be given the PBA Bowler of the Year award on Dec. 23 during a national TV telecast of the PBA Clash event on FOX TV.  READ MORE


​​Dave Karr

Davison community loses friend; Former Chairman of the Board at Davison State Bank, long-time attorney Dave Karr passes away

   DAVISON (CCN) — The Davison community has lost a friend. Dave Karr passed away Tuesday at age 80. He was a second-generation attorney in Davison who practiced law there for more than 50 years while becoming a pillar of the community as an active leader of the Davison Kiwanis Club where he was twice elected as its president. Karr, who died at home surrounded by family members, was also a long-time member of the Board of Directors at the former Davison State Bank and served as its Chairman of the Board.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Best obituary tribute ever read by this Editor hits close to home; Dave Karr gets fitting tribute from family


Mateen Cleaves

Mateen Cleaves to be in court Dec. 12 to ask Judge Bell to recuse herself from his case 

   FLINT (CCN) — The attorney for former Flint basketball superstar Mateen Cleaves will be in court at 3 pm on Dec. 12 to argue a motion that Judge Celeste Bell should disqualify herself from his case. Cleaves faces up to 10 years in prison on sexual assault charges related to a 2015 incident at a Mundy Township hotel. Defense attorney Frank Manley won a dismissal at the preliminary exam stage but the ruling was later overturned by former Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman. A jury trial is now set before Judge Bell after the Michigan State Court of Appeals refused to consider an appeal. Attorney Manley argued in a motion that Judge Bell should recuse herself because she worked for Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton when he recused his office in the case that is being led by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. 


Attorney for Mateen Cleaves to be in court on Thursday to argue motion that Judge Bell should disqualify herself from trial

Mateen Cleaves case goes to Judge Archie Hayman for ruling on appeal of earlier dismissal

Mateen Cleaves case offers lots of courtroom drama with best defense attorney in America in corner of Flint's former MSU great



​​​Best obituary tribute ever read by this Editor hits close to home; Dave Karr gets fitting tribute from family 

      I'm not sure how many community members will get to read Dave Karr's obituary. A news story about the Davison community losing a friend is at left. I'm pretty sure another one will appear next week when his hometown Davison Index is published again — a weekly newspaper once owned by his father, Paul Karr. 

   Dave's obituary is the most touching tribute I've ever read in all my years of being in the news business.

   It will be published in The Flint Journal today and tomorrow since the timing of his death allowed for a few editions to be published before his funeral on Saturday morning at Allen Funeral Home. I've also presented a link to the obituary near the end of today's edition of my "Editor's Notebook" to help make sure everyone knows how much he helped his community, what a wonderful man he was, and how loved he was by all his family and many friends.  READ MORE

Center Road reopens after repairs completed on railroad tracks near Longway Boulevard  

  FLINT / BURTON (CCN) — Motorists can once again commute along Center Road after work crews from CN Railroad have completed repairs on the tracks near Longway Boulevard.

   A portion of the road near the Burton / Flint border had been closed to traffic since Oct. 29.



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Click above to hear the last episode for The Daily Gazette Sports Weekend Show with Mike Killbreath. He's an award-winning sports columnist with a long history of championship ways in the local Flint area coaching ranks of baseball, basketball, ice hockey and roller hockey. He counts 5 state championships along with numerous regional, league and tournament championships. Mike's 3-hour tour through the world of sports every Saturday is the longest running local sports show on local radio.

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Cicis buffet in Grand Blanc now apparently permanently closed 

   GRAND BLANC (CCN) — Cicis in Grand Blanc has apparently permanently closed its doors. The web site for the restaurant chain famous for low prices on all-you-can-eat pizza, soups and salad has no explanation on why the Dort Hwy. location is no longer open. Cicis is a national chain that placed its first Michigan location at the complex that also includes Walmart and Sam's Club stores. The chain has restaurants in 31 other states, including 180 in Texas and 42 in Florida.

Lunch Studio closing on Friday but MaMang not taking over; Hoflfman's Deco Deli moving in

   FLINT (CCN) — A 17-year lunch tradition ends Friday in Downtown Flint when The Lunch Studio closes its doors forever. Owner Tracey Whelpey announced via a Facebook post on Sunday morning that Hoffman's Deco Deli will be moving in to replace her restaurant instead of MaMang.

   Tony Vu, who operates MaMang as a lunch counter at nearby Flint Farmers Market, planned to take over the location, according to a joint statement with Whelpey in July. Vu's passion for vietnamese food has taken him to Cusco, Hoi An, Saigon and Tarapoto from the set of Chopped on the cable channel known as the Food Network, but his plans to take over The Lunch Studio spot on S. Saginaw Street across from the Flat Lot didn't come to fruition.

   Whelpey made the announcement via Facebook that Hoffman's Deco Deli will be moving in from its old location on Garland Street.

   "This will be the last week we are open as The Lunch Studio," Whelpey wrote in his Facebook post. "Hoffman’s Deco Deli will be moving in and reopen in a couple weeks. Unfortunately things didn’t work out with MaMang but we are happy to have another established and well loved sandwich shop take over the space. Rumor has it that he will keep some of our sandwiches on the menu and make yummy homemade soups from scratch. Heath is keeping my staff along with his and will offer delivery, catering and box lunch services too. We have loved being here for the last 17 years and appreciate your support through everything."

   Whelpey also said it was a personal "dream come true" to operate The Lunch Studio.

   She added: "My family was so great helping me get started, then everyone I hired became family too, I have met so many good people through this and have loved every minute of it. The campaign to buy the building was such a reinforcement of the feeling that we were appreciated and wanted here. I always felt like The Lunch Studio belonged to the community and I know Heath and Hoffman’s have the same spirit and love of this kind of relationship. I will miss coming here every day, but I will be in for lunch."

   Whelpey also revealed that a free lunch buffet will be presented on her last day of operation, saying, "Friday, we will have a free lunch buffet as a thank you to the wonderful people who have supported us through the years."

   The free buffet will be from 11 am until 2 pm and she said her staff will be accepting donations for MaMang’s start up fund.

Attorneys to begin presenting defense on Tuesday for Bishop Airport stabber Amor Ftouhi 

FLINT (CCN) — Attorneys for the man accused in the Bishop Airport stabbing of a law enforcement officer will begin presenting his defense on Tuesday in Flint at the U.S. District Court building. Prosecutors rested on Friday in the case against accused terrorist Amor Ftouhi with the victim testifying.

   Ftouhi came into the US from Canada and was turned down in an attempt to purchase a gun, according to testimony. He used a knife to allegedly stab Lt. Jeff Neville. The victim is a long-time Grand Blanc Township resident who retired several years ago after a distinguished career as a member of the Genesee County Sheriff's Department. Lt. Neville hasn't been able to return to this job with the Bishop Airport security team, according to his testimony on Friday.

  Ftouhi faces up to life in prison, if convicted by a jury in front of U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Leitman. In addition to attempted murder against Lt. Neville, Ftouhi is charged with committing an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries, violence at an international airport and interference with airport security.



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