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November 14, 2016

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Posted November 14, 2016

Michigan GOP Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel in running for job in Trump's administration

    WASHINGTON D.C.  — Talk around Washington D.C. has President-Elect Donald Trump and Republican Party leaders considering Michigan GOP Chairman Ronna Romney-McDaniel as the new Republican National Committee leader.

   ​“I’ll be interested in whatever Mr. Trump wants,” Ronmey-McDaniel told The Associated Press Monday after tThe Detroit News and Detroit Free Press published stories confirming the possibility. Fox News also aired a report that the niece of 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the top candidate to replace Reince Priebus who has been named as Trump's Chief of Staff.

   Romney-McDaniel supported Trump's campaign despite her uncle being one of his biggest critics. Mitt Romney joined numerous prominent Republicans who opposed Trump in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, yet Trump won a decisive victory in Electoral College votes at 306-to-232.

   Trump's victory included an upset in Michigan where he beat Clinton by 13,107 votes.

   Romney-McDaniel gets plenty of praise for her efforts in helping turn Michigan into a "Red" state for the first time since 1988, according to the long-time former Michigan Republican Party chairman who preceded her — Saul Anuzis.

   Anuzis told the Detroit News that Trump picking Romney-McDaniel to replace Priebus would be “a very smart move” after seh helped the GOP win control in 2016 of Michigan's State House of Representatives and the Michigan Supreme Court. It was her second winning campaign for the State House when also taking a majority in 2014 after Republicans won the State Senate, too. Republicans also won the state's highest offices in 2014 with re-election victories by Rick Snyder for governor, Bill Schuette for attorney general and Ruth Johnson for secretary of state.

   “Look, we need somebody who understands the new Republican coalition, and I think Ronna exemplifies that with what happens here in Michigan,” Anuzis was quoted as saying by the Detroit News. He added: “I think it would be a smart move on their part. She’s proven herself to be very capable, and I think she’d also be a great spokesperson for the party.”

   Anuzis, a former contender for the RNC's top post, told the Detroit News that he doesn't think Trump’s consideration of Romney-McDaniel for RNC chair is an attempt to win political points after so many offensive comments Trump made toward women over the years became an issue during the campaign.

   Romney-McDaniel worked closely with Priebus in delivering a surprise Michigan victory for Trump, and she got national exposure, too, when elected two years ago as a Republican National Committeewoman from Michigan. She also served as a Precinct Delegate, as a District Committee Executive Member and State Committeewoman in Michigan. She chaired her uncle's "Women for Mitt Michigan Coalition" in 2012 and served as National Delegate to the Tampa Convention representing Michigan’s 11th District.

   Romney-McDaniel served as co-chair for the last Mackinac Leadership Conference and was appointed by Governor Snyder to serve on the Board of Marriage and Family Therapists where she was recently elected as the board's vice-chair.

   Her rise in state political circles was highlighted by being elected in February of 2013 as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She describes herself as a life-long grassroots conservative activist who learned politics from the ground up — beginning as a driver for her mother’s US Senate Race in 1994. She has worked on many campaigns from school board to the presidential races. Throughout her career, the party web site says she has managed multi-million dollar budgets, has been responsible for the management and personnel of staff, and has overseen grassroots campaigns and media projects. In addition, she has been a successful fundraiser and has been involved in all aspects of campaigns and political projects.

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