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November 1, 2016

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Posted November 1, 2016

Donald Trump shows he will implode despite FBI gift as he uses Bobby Knight in campaign  

    WARREN  — Donald Trump's campaign leaders should kidnap him and hide the Donald until election day. That's the only way he can win.

   The FBI director, James Comey, delivered a gift Friday by reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal. Trump decided to rev up the company jet and visit some Blue states in hopes of turning them red for him by Tuesday.

   He landed here in Michigan with the worst idea of his campaign so far.

   Trump brought a secret weapon. He let Hall of Fame basketball coach Bobby Knight introduce him.

   It was a bad idea for so many reasons.

   Most important, of course, is that Michigan people only hate Woody Hayes more than Bobby Knight.

   Or maybe most important is that he is a first class jerk who should not be given a microphone with young children in the audience.

   Knight didn't throw any chairs, but he didn't disappoint anybody who thinks he is an absolute embarrassment to Indiana University. In typical foul-mouthed Bobby Knight fashion, he let fly with some real zingers. This was live stuff, so no editing out the vulgar language. No beeps to hide his swear words, like on TV interviews.

   What a low moment in our nation's history.

   A man running for president of the United States hands a microphone to a jerk who is likely to live up to his reputation and deliver some choice words unfit for young ears.

   Worst of all, Trump didn't apologize for it. He praised Bobby Knight.

   I guess he missed how Indiana University's president finally had enough of Knight's antics and fired him. Myles Brand cited his “unacceptable pattern of behavior.” Brand cited the university’s “zero-tolerance” policy when firing him for verbally abusing a high-ranking female university official and “gross insubordination” in addition to allegations by a 19-year-odl freshman (Kent Harvey) who said Knight grabbed him by the arm and cursed at him after calling the coach by his last name.

   They obviously didn't invite Knight to the press conference, fearing he might start throwing chairs at everyone in the room.

   A 29-year career at Indiana was over.

   It ended in disgrace.

   Some suggest it was created in an air of disgrace all along the journey. They suggest Indiana should rip down his three national championship banners and apologize for allowing Bobby Knight to bully his players, opponents, referees and anybody else who ever gets in his way for so long.

   Yours truly was simply hoping Bobby Knight didn't get to meet the Donald's 11-year-old kid, Barron, when arriving yesterday in Michigan.

   Just close your eyes and imagine Bobby Knight going nuts on the kid. "That's for falling asleep at your dad's acceptance speech when getting the Republican Party's nomination you little loser! The whole world was watching and you didn't act like a winner when the national TV cameras focused on you!"

   If Bobby Knight wants me to vote for Donald Trump, I'm definitely not doing it now.

   The Donald should disavow his endorsement.

   But he didn't  do it when David Duke of KKK fame endorsed him, so don't hold your breath on it.

   I guess I'm sticking with my decision celebrated a few weeks ago on my radio show. As the lyrics to the old Duran Duran song go ... Freedom puts my faith in none of the above!

   My Trump friends argue such a strategy is a vote for Hillary, who they say can't be elected because she belongs in an orange jumpsuit at a federal prison. Just look what the FBI director did 11 days away from people going to the polls. It must be bad, they insist. It is bad. Crooked Hillary belongs in prison for sure.

   If elected, America will spend two years of a Watergate-like cloud hanging over her. But prison isn't in Hillary's future — win or lose on Tuesday.

   Prison life is in Donald Trump's future, however. The system is rigged against outsiders. Democrats hate him and too many Republicans do, too.  Trump University was a criminal enterprise, according to his enemies, and it's my bet they have enough power to make sure he eventually gets an orange jumpsuit to match his orange hair.


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