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August 7, 2019

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​​​​​Councilman Griggs apologizes for embarrassing social media behavior; Colleagues suggest simply 'staying off Facebook'

   The circus activity at Flint City Council meetings reached what may be an all-time low while playing out on social media during a 10-day window before election day on Tuesday. Things didn't get any better when council members met Wednesday for a committee meeting.

   They put one member of Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver's administration under oath. The mayor sent an attorney with him to talk to the executive branch in its effort to ask questions about an issue that shined a national spotlight on the city over bid-rigging allegations.

   It was also the first time council members had met since a couple of social media firestorms involving two of their colleagues. One (8th Ward Councilman Allan Griggs) was asked to resign by two citizens during the public comment portion of the meeting, including community activist Arthur Woodson. The controversial 1st Ward councilman, Eric Mays, told everyone his "skinny butt" was "afraid" to sit next to 2nd Ward Councilman Maurice Davis after what he described as "threats of violence" on Facebook.

   Councilman Davis went to Facebook Live on July 27 with a profanity-laced tirade that lasted almost two hours during his weekly Saturday podcast. The show followed an outburst earlier in the week at Flint City Hall's council chambers when four police officers were called to restore order after City Finance Committee Chairman Monica Galloway ruled Davis out of order during a shouting match with Mays.

   Davis was upset because Mays was blasting the mayor and her administration as election day was nearing in the August primary. 

   Griggs stole the spotlight from the Mays-Davis feud, however, while criticizing community activist Arthur Woodson on Woodson's Facebook page. He made a vulgar comment to one woman who went to last night's Flint City Council Finance Committee meeting to demand that Councilman Griggs resign. Woodson also made an identical plea during the public comment portion of the meeting.

   Woodson also appeared on Wednesday's radio program with me on The Morning Gazette Radio Show. He said the apology by Griggs (see a link to the related story below) allowed him to "forgive him but actions deserve consequences."

   Woodson told listeners that Councilman Griggs can convince him to back off pressing for a resignation only by getting help for what he described as a "drinking problem" and "anger management issues." He also wants Griggs, a veteran, to visit the Ann Arbor VA hospital he has praised. Woodson says Griggs can help shine a light on the problems veterans face in America by getting involved there to improve lives for military veterans.

   Yours Truly reached out to Councilman Griggs to meet and discuss some "damage control" after the social media firestorm, but he responded via text: "No thanks."

   Give him credit for showing up at Wednesday's meeting. He listened to the calls to step down, yet sat silent on the issue.

   His apology on Facebook isn't enough.

   Where is this new Ethics and Accountability Board? It's time they flex their muscle and act to censure Councilman Griggs for his behavior.

   Unless he wants to come on the radio and address all the issues Woodson talked about on Wednesday's program, I'm supporting his call for a resignation. I've heard from several supporters of the councilman. All describe him as a "gentleman" and a true public servant of the people.

   Some church ladies are currently critical of Yours Truly, however, for our 2017 endorsement of Griggs. They are absolutely correct that there is no place in our community for the kind of vulgar comment he used on his Facebook post.

   I said on the radio that the only way he gets a pass from me on it is if admitting alcohol use was a factor in his behavior. All the church ladies who called me vehemently disagree. Some suggested, too, that the vulgar comment I later saw a screen shot of wasn't the worst comment Griggs uttered during a conversation on Woodson's page that he says attracted more than 300 comments.

   The best part of the Griggs saga was that it stole a bit of the spotlight from anticipation of what might happen in the first public meeting since Davis unleashed his profanity-laced tirade against Mays.

   Mays wants police protection at meetings.

   "I'm scared of him," said Mays. "This guy talks like the dangerous people in the hood. I don't know what he might do. You listen to how he threatened me and tell me I shouldn't be afraid of him." 

   Mays said he alerted authorities to all the threats.

   Davis was scolded on a few occasions Wednesday by Councilwoman Galloway who chaired the finance committee meeting. Each time, he was going after Mays for comments by the 1st Ward councilman that were critical of the mayor's administration.

'   Mays was upset that Aoine Gilcreast of the economic development team has refused to appear before council and warned the mayor that members of her administration "need to start coming to meetings and answering questions because the city council, as the legislative branch, is an equal branch of government with the mayor's administration."

   Stay tuned.

​   The next act of the circus is on Monday night.

​Mike Killbreath hosts The Morning Gazette Radio Show weekdays from 8 am until 9:30 am on He also hosts The Daily Gazette Sports Weekend Show every Saturday from 10 am until noon, and The Daily Gazette Sports Night Show weekdays from 6 pm until 7 pm.


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Two calls for resignation surface at Flint City Council meeting for 8th Ward Councilman Griggs after social media firestorm