Posted April 19, 2017

Liberal media's morning after pill on Georgia election exemplifies why Donald Trump is President    

   The morning after pill served up by America's liberal slanting media provides resounding proof why Donald Trump is President if anybody is curious why the orange-haired, cartoon character kept winning his way to the Republican nomination, and then beat Hillary Clinton.

   Today's barrage of news reports about Georgia's election last night is a hard pill to swallow for anybody with a brain.

   CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the New York Times served up news about a resounding victory last night for Democrats and reveled in how it's clear evidence that America is rejecting Trump's leadership.

   But the facts tell a different story.

   If Democrats want to win elections, they need a major overhaul of their party leadership at the national level and in most states. They need to campaign with facts and re-assess how middle class America views their positions on important issues such as cutting taxes, creating good jobs, keeping our country safe and embracing Christian family values. Those issues are not Republican or Democrat. They're American issues and trying to pretend everything was okay on any of those topics under Barrack Obama is hard for many Democrats to stomach because our nation has been on a downward spiral for the last decade. They say George W. Bush started it. Republicans say it was all Obama's fault.

   But leaders in the current Democrat establishment tried to peddle pretend facts, and a big part of their base just didn't buy it. That's why they stayed home when Obama asked them to go vote for Hillary last November. Many people I know — Republicans and Democrats alike —  voted against Hillary or they voted against the media that was so slanted toward Hillary that it was sickening.

   But last night proved they haven't yet learned their lesson as Democrats across our land were quick to supply fake news for the media members hungry for any anti-Trump comments they could find to trumpet last night's big victory for Democrats. There's no way they believed what they were saying, but there they were saying it all over the country — claiming victory when the facts clearly show more losing ways ahead for Democrats unless big changes happen with their party leadership.

    First of all, more people voted for Republicans than Democrats in Georgia last night. Only Fox News and The Morning Gazette Radio Show are telling you what's presented in this space today. Georgia voters went for Republicans by a margin of 97,937 to 93,911.

   The media celebrations mentioned how Newt Gingrich won by landslide margins in this same U.S. House seat vacated by Tom Price when he quit to join Trump's cabinet. They didn't mention how entrenched members of Congress usually win by landslides because they have name recognition and usually a war chest of campaign money because of their incumbent status.

   They also didn't mention how only four Democrats ran against  last night's primary winner — Jon Ossoff. The field featured 11 candidates on the Republican side. That's a lot more people to split up the votes.

   No mention either of how Republican primary race winner Karen Handel raised only $463,000, compared to $8.3 million raised by Democrat Ossoff on the latest quarterly campaign finance reports filed 18 days before election day. The only other significant fundraiser on the Republican side was a former state senator — Judson Hill who raised $473,000.

   They also didn't mention how 95 percent of the money raised by Handel and Hill came from within Georgia while Democrats from around the nation poured money behind Ossoff who showed less than 5 percent of his war chest coming from Georgia donors. They didn't tell you either how he raised more money than any other Democrat in Congress during the 2015 election year cycle, except for two multi-millionaires — David Trone in Maryland and Randy Perkins in Florida — who pretty much self funded their campaigns 

   They also didn't talk about how the state's major polls show Handel's name recognition as Georgia former Secretary of State command a double digit advantage over virtual unknown Ossoff who has never held elected office.

   They also didn't mention how Trump only won Georgia's 6th district by a single percentage point in his race with Hillary. So a 4,026-vote margin last night for Republicans is a 2 percent victory. My math translated into that being twice as big as Trump's margin over Hillary in this same district.

   The liberals must be using the new math or something because this observer just plain doesn't get how Democrats scored a resounding victory last night.

   Such garbage is fake news, and anybody with any intelligence knows it. Maybe even some supporters of Trump who are not too smart know it, too.

   The celebration may entertain the liberals and the brain dead population who followed Bernie without a true understanding of how Socialism may bring them lots of free stuff, but at the expense of destroying the kind of capitalism that made America the greatest country on earth.

   It wasn't too far back in yesteryear that some once suggested socialists should get the death penalty. They were right up there with Communists because that's where they belong.

   Educated people know that the only difference between Socialism and Communism is that one is by choice and one is by force. It's basically the same system of the government controlling nearly every aspect of your life.

   Bernie crying about all the wealth held by the one percent resonated with poor people, students being funded by their parents and the huge population who don't work and don't care to work. They obviously can't define Socialism or don't care as long as somebody else is paying for their food and shelter, and as long as plenty of pot is still available if a Socialist dictator ever gets an address at the White House.

   Let's face it.

   Party leaders plotted against Bernie and they put him up against Hillary because nobody thought he would stand a chance with his Socialist agenda. They just under-estimated exactly how unpopular Hillary Clinton really was to have so much trouble beating Bernie. They had no clue that she was the only Democrat in America who couldn't beat Trump.

   The Hillary PR machine led by the liberal media made many Democrats vote for Trump in Michigan and other "Blue" states where the blue collar working men and working women rejected another Clinton in the White House.

   Subtract votes from the lefty states of California and New York, and Hillary didn't win the popular vote. Don't forget how Trump's campaign plan ignored the two big states he wrote off. He won by a landslide in the electoral college, and he's our President for the next four years.

   This columnist can't stand the guy. He seems racist and his off color comments turn my stomach about grabbing any woman he wants because of how rich and powerful he is. My biggest fear before the election was how he might tick off half the world leaders, and lead us into World War III with super powers who may decide to see who has the most powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons.


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April 19, 2017

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