Posted March 31, 2017

Baffoon politician may turn out to be thief if police report filed by church deacons leads to prison    

   FLINT — We may need to soon add an adjective or two to describe one of Flint's dumbest politicians. Flint City Council President Kerry Nelson has been described on an occasion or two (or six?) as a "baffoon" by yours truly on The Morning Gazette Radio Show.

   Friday's blockbuster news story delivered by my morning radio show indicated that a criminal conviction could be on the horizon for Nelson if three deacons at his church get their way. They say about $1.7 million is missing from the finances managed by Mr. City Councilman.

   Stealing from a church in such a brazen manner may add some colorful adjectives to describing Nelson. How about shady? Maybe idiotic? Unscrupulous is another word that comes to mind. Un-Godly fits for sure.

  Rest assured that three deacons are gonna make pretty good witnesses when this scandal moves inside a courtroom. My multiple sources on this story are rock solid although Flint's police chief and the Michigan State Police are not yet commenting, although curious how my radio show aired the story before they made any comments.

   Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson acted puzzled how I already had the police report number, but said the case corresponding with that number had been referred to State Police because of a conflict. The chief wouldn't confirm that the conflict was because it featured the big baffoon sitting in the Flint City Council president's chair.

  Kerry Nelson didn't want to comment on the air and he didn't want to chat off the air.

   "I just talked with him and he doesn't want to talk to you. He says he will let his lawyer do the talking when he's arrested," said a source who tried to convince him to go on the air with me on the radio. Messages were left at Councilman Nelson's office and on his cell phone to give him an opportunity to respond to the serious accusations being leveled against him and three others named in the police report obtained by The Morning Gazette Radio Show.

   One of the individuals named with Councilman Nelson is the son of the long-time pastor at Antiock Missionary Baptist Church located on Stewart Avenue in the City of Flint — Lewis Randolph. Deacons are also apparently investigating how Pastor Randolph lived in an upscale home in Davison Township with a collection of luxury cars on the modest salary of a pastor. Sources say Pastor Randolph hasn't been involved at the church for a few years because of a serious illness which allowed his son to gain power of attorney over his affairs.

   Stay tuned on this story because it's a tale of how millions earmarked for good works may have wound up in the pockets of thieves.

​   Thieves of the worst kind if you ask me because there must be a special place in Hell for anybody who would steal from a church.


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