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Flint City Council members voted 8-0 to remove 1st Ward Councilman Eric Mays from Monday's meeting for disorderly conduct. 

​​​​​​Posted on August 27, 2019


CCN Executive Editor

Flint City Council members vote 8-0 Monday night to throw 1st Ward Councilman Mays out of meeting — After he stormed out!

   FLINT (CCN) — An 8-0 vote to throw 1st Ward City Councilman Eric Mays out of a Flint City Council meeting Monday night for disorderly conduct has sparked a pledge to "see an attorney" about a potential lawsuit for discrimination.

   Councilman Mays expressed shock at hearing about the vote to throw him out of the meeting for disorderly conduct, asking, "They took an 8-0 vote to throw me out of the meeting after I had already left the meeting? They can't do that. You don't need to be (City Attorney) Angela Wheeler to know that's wrong." Councilman Mays then pledged to meet with an attorney to explore his options about possibly filing another lawsuit.

   Councilman Mays already has one lawsuit against six of his eight colleagues pending in Genesee County Circuit Court. He said depositions begin next week in the case. "I'm representing myself because I don't need an attorney to win it because the new charter language is very clear and they've violated the charter with their actions," Councilman Mays said about his bid to remove six of his colleagues from office — 3rd Ward Councilman Santino Guerra, 4th Ward Councilwoman Kate Fields, 6th Ward Councilman Herb Winfrey, 7th Ward Councilwoman Monica Galloway, 8th Ward Councilman Allan Griggs and 9th Ward Councilwoman Eva Worthing.

   Four of them (Guerra, Fields, Galloway and Griggs) have also been targeted by recall efforts to remove them from office and Councilman Mays admits he's helping each campaign.

   "We need to remove these people and move our city forward," he said.

   Councilman Mays was paid $4,500 by Mayor Weaver's legal team after city council members removed him from a meeting in 2017. He wants to be paid for two more similar incidents, vowing that the price tag will be much higher if the cases reach a court of law.

   "That's apparently where we're headed and it's unfortunate," he said.

   After learning a vote was taken to remove him from Monday night's meeting after he had already stormed out, Councilman Mays said it's "now time to hire an attorney."

   "This is clear discrimination against me because of my political views," Mays said. "It has been a very hostile work environment for this 1st Ward city councilman and I'm tired of it. I'm going to hire an attorney and prove a point that this is illegal to treat me this way."

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August 27, 2019

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