​Flint City Councilman Santino Guerra

3rd Ward Flint City Councilman Santino Guerra faces recall

   FLINT (CCN) — The Daily Gazette has learned that proposed petition language was turned in Monday to remove Flint City Councilman Santino Guerra from office. The proposed language was turned in by community activist Rich Jones who is working with businessman Wilbur "Pappa" Jarrett, according to multiple sources.  READ MORE

Democrats vote 11-10 over Republicans along party lines to end Columbus Day federal holiday in Oakland County 

   PONTIAC (CCN) — Northern Oakland County readers of TheDailyGazette.net won't be celebrating Columbus Day any more. READ MORE

Flushing High grad nabbed in West Branch on child porn case

    WEST BRANCH (CCN) — A Flushing High graduate who now lives in West Branch has been arrested by State Police for possession and distribution of child pornography. Samuel David Neva, 24, turned himself in after an investigation that included seizing a computer from his West Branch residence. READ MORE

Hearing for proposed language on recall petitions against 8th Ward Flint City Council Allan Griggs set for 2 pm Tuesday

   FLINT (CCN) — A hearing for proposed language on recall petitions against a member of the Flint City Council will take place on Tuesday at 2 pm by the Genesee County Election Commission. READ MORE 

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​Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs

8th Ward Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs targeted for recall

FLINT (CCN) — Proposed petition language was turned in last week to remove Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs from office. The proposed language was turned in by businessman Don Pfeiffer who vowed to lead a recall against his 8th Ward councilman at Monday night's Flint City Council meeting. Pfeiffer made the promise to remove Griggs while addressing the council during the public comment portion of the meeting that was held by a phone conference call that allowed public participation. READ MORE

Sample ballots go out to city and township clerks around Genesee County from Gleason's office

   FLINT (CCN) — City clerks and township clerks around Genesee County should have sample ballots by now. They were mailed out to them last week by the office of Genesee County Clerk John Gleason, according to a press release by Deputy Clerk Leslie Raleigh. More than 400 military and overseas ballots were discovered to be incorrect last week when they were downloaded from a database of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

   Tracy Wimmer, a spokesman for Benson's office, told the media: "It's not clear how many of the more than 400 ballots were actually sent to voters before the error was discovered and corrected."

   The mistake was listing the incorrect running mate for President Donald Trump. The ballots incorrectly stated Trump's running mate as the Libertarian Party candidate in the place of Vice President Mike Pence.

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Activist Sir Major Page

Activist Sir Major arrested for allegedly stealing more than $476,000 in donations from Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta

​     TOLEDO (CCN) — An activist was arrested Friday in Toledo on felony charges of stealing more than $476,000 in donations to Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta. Sir Maejor Page, 32, was arrested on a felony count for misappropriation of more than $200,000 after the FBI had opened an investigation following numerous complaints.READ MORE


Flint City Councilman Eric Mays (center) was thrown out of Monday's Flint City Council meeting just days after nationally renowned attorney Steve Haney (at right) filed a lawsuit for Mays being thrown out of meetings.

​Eric Mays muted during Zoom conference call meeting of Flint City Council just days after filing lawsuit for meeting ejections

    FLINT (CCN) — A Flint City Council member who days ago filed a lawsuit over being thrown out of meetings was muted during a Monday night meeting conducted via an online conference call. "They just don't learn," said 1st Ward Councilman Eric Mays. "Some of my colleagues just need to go away. They don't know the rules."  READ MORE

11-year-old child shot multiple times in City of Flint incident

   FLINT (CCN) — Media reports by MLive, TV 5, TV 12, TV 25 and TV 66 indicated Tuesday that a suspect is under arrest after shooting an 11-year-old child multiple times on Crawford Street, between Euston Street and Grand Traverse Street. Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley no longer allows his staff to send out press releases to TheDailyGazette.net or The Morning Gazette Radio Show. A lawsuit is being filed over the new policy, according to Mike Killbreath who is host of the radio program and Executive Editor at TheDaiyGazette.net.

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​Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs

Election Commission rejects proposed recall language on 8th Ward Flint Councilman Griggs

   FLINT (CCN)  — Proposed petition language was rejected Tuesday afternoon to remove Flint City Councilman Allan Griggs from office. The proposed language was turned in by businessman Don Pfeiffer who fumed after the commission voted 3-0 to reject his proposed language against the 8th Ward council member. READ MORE

   Below is a link to CCN's special report with breaking news on the big story above minutes after the hearing by the Genesee County Election Commission:

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    There's nothing like a rude public servant to get me fired up. That was my "welcome back" to life as a journalist last week. My vacation from picking on politicians was going to last at least two weeks. Between anemic advertising revenue prospects during the COVID-19 pandemic and frustration over the free press coming under attack, that decision was announced in this space on May 29 to reveal why we were pulling the plug on this news site and going silent with The Morning Gazette Show. . READ MORE 

Long-time community leader Dick Kraft

​Community leader, prominent businessman, former President for Flint Area Chamber of Commerce passes away at 91

    CHELSEA (CCN) — Mike Killbreath, President of the Flint Area Chamber of Commerce, made a sad announcement today that a long-time community leader has passed away. Dick Kraft died Friday at Kresge Healthcare & Rehab Center at age 91. 

   Details about a “Celebration of Life” event will be announced later for Kraft who was a prominent Flint businessman for more than 50 years..