Radio has always mostly been 5 minutes on the way to work, 5 minutes to lunch, 5 minutes back and 5 minutes home. 

That’s not much listening time for the average Metro Flint consumer you want to reach!

And think about this: What do you do when the commercial comes on the air during your precious driving time? You hit the button to turn the channel.

Plus the corporate giants who own local stations send every dollar of profit out of town to their hometowns!

We’re on cell phones! We’re on desks at offices!
We’re on everyone’s laptop or home computer!
You can hook us up to pipe us in on your car radio!

We offer news almost every hour, with 5-minute 
updates like the old days of local radio!
We also present in-depth news and sports reports every morning, every afternoon and every evening!

Plus our two online daily newspapers known as & give us a bigger staff of reporters to keep you up-to-date and informed!

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